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I’m Victoria Koko

Exprienced and effective
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Advisor, Multipreneur, Mentor, Coach, Speaker
based in Europe

Currently Interim CEO/CMO in ADIT
Victoria Koko | CEO Services, CMO Services, Fractional, Interim


TL;DR Growth Architect and Catalyst for Strategic Breakthroughs and Marketing Excellence.

With over 17 years as a C-level executive and business owner across diverse industries and a proven track record of driving significant growth, I empower companies to surpass their goals, fostering exceptional customer acquisition and brand visibility through authentic management and data-driven marketing innovation.

Let's unlock your unparalleled success together!

17+ Years of experience


What? Transforming challenges into opportunities, revolutionizing approaches for rapid growth. With passion and innovation, I drive businesses to new heights.

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Growth Officer
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Strategic Advisory
  • 360° Business Consulting & Mentorship
  • 360° Marketing Consulting & Mentorship
  • 360° Management Consulting & Mentorship
  • Leaders Growth Accelerator
  • HR Consulting
  • IT Consulting
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Marketing & Sales
  • Search Engine Marketing & SEO
  • Social Media Marketing & SMO
  • Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC / Targeting)
  • Business Development
  • Influence Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Retention Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding & Identity
  • Personal Branding
  • PR & Communications
  • Marketing Automation
IT & Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Cybersecurity
  • AI/ML/GPT Integration
Under NICK Digital Agency
Business Education
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Startup Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Business Training
  • Corporate Training
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1 Uncover

We'll begin with a deep dive into your current operations, goals, and challenges to develop a strategy that resonates with your specific needs and market conditions.

2 Strategy

Utilizing insights, I'll craft a data-driven strategy with SMART goals and key initiatives, refined through ongoing feedback, keeping it current and aligned with evolving business needs.

3 Align

I'll work closely with the team to align them with the strategy, empowering everyone through training and development to achieve peak performance, ensuring seamless execution.

4 Launch

Developing a clear, actionable roadmap from the strategy, I'll integrate risk management protocols to address potential obstacles, ensuring a smooth implementation.

5 Execute

Once prepped, we'll execute the strategy. Regular updates and communications will keep all stakeholders informed and engaged, facilitating adjustments based on real-time feedback.

6 Measure

Using advanced analytics, we'll monitor your performance against set KPIs and competitor activity, providing a comprehensive view of your progress and areas for improvement.

7 Optimize

Based on performance data and direct feedback, I'll fine-tune your strategy. This ensures we're not just meeting but exceeding expectations and achieving peak performance.

8 Scale

After achieving your initial targets, we'll leverage your momentum to expand your success. I'll help unlock further growth opportunities, maximizing impact and expanding reach.

Smart results

What? Transforming challenges into opportunities, revolutionizing approaches for rapid growth. With passion and innovation, I drive business to new heights.

ROMI Results Achieved
Monthly Traffic Led
Client Revenue Generated
Consultations Provided

Case Studies

All?Just a small part of all the artwork due to the non-disclosure agreements

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Ermitage Jewelers

Operation "EJ Rescue": From Google Ban to Profit Paradise! Our SEO expertise saved a renowned US Rolex and jewelry store's website from a Google ban, resulting in a staggering profit increase. Easy for us, life-changing for them.

  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM / Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Consulting


Europe, get ready! We're architecting the launch of this innovative Academy of Digitalization, Innovation & Transformation crafting a winning business strategy and user-centric website with cutting-edge UI/UX. Our past success in propelling another academy to #1 in Ukraine fuels our confidence in replicating that growth for ADIT. Stay tuned for Europe's next digital education leader!

  • CEO Services / Chief Executive Officer
  • CMO Services / Chief Marketing Officer
  • Business Strategy
Image Description
Image Description

BLG Microfinance

From Offline Legacy to Online Leaderhip! Nearly 300,000 loan requests in just 4 months with a minimal marketing budget, and a new business direction for the top pawnshop company unlocked!

  • CDMO Services / Chief Digital Marketing Officer
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Product Development


Weblium & Draftium: From Stagnant Sales to Global Traction no matter what!

  • CEO Services / Chief Executive Officer
  • CMO Services / Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Consulting
Image Description
Image Description

EverFX Broker

Boom! 500% growth in 3 months thanks to a killer affiliate program we architected, a skyrocketing brand trust strategic partnership with Sevilla FC, and fostering a best-bud relationship between Marketing & Sales. We crushed sales goals and retention. Their competitors are still feeling the afterburn!

  • CMO Services / Chief Marketing Officer
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Team Recruitment & Building

Under Victoria Koko's leadership, our marketing efforts have achieved significant results. We've not only doubled our reach but also fostered deeper engagement with our core audience, strengthening our brand connection.

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Gеоrgіоs Kаrоullаs
Executive Director, EverFX

Victoria's strategic vision has significantly accelerated our startup's growth. This isn't our first successful collaboration with her — her expertise has consistently driven our projects forward. She adeptly meets our evolving needs with effective solutions. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations, as Victoria is a true asset to any team!

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Serg Pili
CEO, GAM Alliance

Working with Victoria Koko was a true game-changer for our business. From the initial strategy development to the seamless execution, her expertise and guidance were invaluable. She possesses a remarkable ability to understand complex challenges and translate them into clear, data-driven strategies that deliver results.

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Sergey Burakov
CEO/Co-Founder, IvTeme

From the moment we began working with Victoria Koko, it was clear she operates on a different level. She has a knack for seeing the forest and the trees at the same time. Her insights completely revamped our marketing strategy, exceeding our expectations. It's not just consulting, Victoria's the engine powering our great results.

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Konstantin Fominykh
CEO/Founder, TenViz

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